4 Steps to a Marketing Funnel

Everyone is telling you that you should have a marketing funnel, and they’re right. If you don’t you will certainly leave a lot of potential business on the table. So what exactly is a marketing funnel, and how do to create one for your legitimate home based business?

In plain English, a “marketing funnel” is the conceptual image of the process of getting new leads, converting them to clients, and then keeping them as clients by providing additional value. The goal of the marketing funnel is to “catch” as many leads as possible and convert them to life long clients. Since, not every lead is converted to a client, and not every client has a long lifespan the group of people becomes smaller as the relationship lengthens, giving the funnel its shape, clickfunnel costs fat at the top and narrow at the bottom.

The part that people seem to overlook is the reason that it is important to think about it. If the goal of the marketing funnel is to attract as many leads as possible and convert them to lifelong clients, then the product offerings that make up “the funnel” need to have a natural progression. In other words give the client what they want, when they want it so that they will stick around.

When you are designing your funnel think of the process like dating, when you first get a lead in your marketing funnel you don’t ask them to make a big time investment, or buy an extreme expensive service. It is your first date, they hardly know you.

1. You give them some free information to build trust, or offer a low commitment entry-level product. A free audio or e-book download works great for this.

2. Lets assume they downloaded your free gift or entry-level product and the first date went well. You need to have a second date product. Lets say it’s a couple hundred dollar, DVD, CD and text tutorial information kit.

3. Now ask yourself if they loved that what would they want next? They are probably looking for some support the help them with all of the steps in that information product they bought. Why not see if they want to go steady and sign them up for your continuity (membership) program?

4. Finally, offer them an advanced small group coaching opportunity or other premium service(s).
Of course your marketing funnel will not look exactly like this and not everyone will follow the steps that you have created for them. That’s ok, what is important is that they are there so that if you have someone who is looking for “just a little bit more” they can easily get just that. Many people loose business because they try to get their clients to think like them instead of thinking like their clients. And that, is what a marketing funnel is all about.

Also, although it’s difficult to cover when I don’t know exactly what your specialty is, but make sure that the
products in your marketing funnel are what the client needs next. Don’t give them material that they are not ready for, or try to re-sell them something they already have. Serve them by providing exactly what they need at that stage and your marketing funnel will be much more effective.

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