Careers That Use Art Easels Regularly

You may think that easels are just for artists, but think again. Art easels are actually very prevalent in the business world. They are used in advertising to display campaigns, in architecture to present blue prints, schools to teach art strategy, and in marketing venues worldwide. With the use of everything from chalkboard easels to dry erase easels, what they refer to as an “art easel” is simply too limiting.

What about display easels? Sure they are a great Display Easel tool to showcase a finished piece of artwork or to hold up an unfinished painting. But they are used in the wide world of business as well. They are not confined to artists only. Think about internal presentations. To display the cold hart facts, the problem, the solutions, in a worthwhile way, professionals use art easels. How else will they convince their designers that the colors are to die for or their client that their logo is the best? Another wide use is in developmental presentations, for example, the cops. They often use easels with tear off sheets to demonstrate the past, present, and future of their investigation and their progression. This is the fastest, easiest, and frankly cheapest way to do it.

Architects often utilize easels for both presenting and for developing sketches. They are like artists in that they have to see the whole to visualize the finale. Architectural presentation boards are often spotted all around the buildings at openings. The progression and drawings are much respected. Likewise, presentation easels are usually seen at conventions or high profile events. Things like “Enter Here and Have your ID Ready” or “The Red Carpet is for VIP Guests Only” are often seen printed and displayed on an easel. There is nothing artistic about that.

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