How to Find Organic Foods No Matter Where You Live

Many consumers are becoming more aware of the need to purchase organic foods that are free from pesticide and other harmful chemicals such as steroids and hormones that can reside in the cells of produce and meats sold in the common marketplace. Some diseases and illnesses in humans may be the result of ingesting these toxins in small doses over a period of time.

Tests in even young children have found that there are trace levels of pesticides and hormones that can only be there as a result of ingesting foods that are laced with the agents. While it’s virtually impossible to get away from some minor exposures to low levels of toxins in some form or other, it is possible to significantly lessen our exposure to them through foods to such an extent that it may positively affect our long term health.

If you have ever wondered how to find the best organic foods or at least foods that offer much lower exposures to possibly harmful agents, here are a few russian food store tips that may help you locate some of the healthiest available to you.

1. Choose Foods from the Outer Aisles of Your Grocery Store – Interestingly, if you only shop for foods that line the outer aisles of your typical food market, you will find the most fresh foods and foods that are not as processed. For example, you will always find produce lining the side of your grocery store which is either not processed or actually has labels that indicate they are organically grown. Usually, prepackaged foods are in the center of the store where there are a plentiful array of processed, preserved foods.

2. Check the Labels on Your Produce – If you check the PLU code that is stamped on a small label attached to fruit and vegetables, you can determine the production method that was used to grow them. If you see that the code begins with a 4, it is produced in the conventional manner on large farms for mass production. If it begins with a 9, you are looking at a genetically engineered product that you want to avoid. If the code begins with the number 9, bingo, you have found a certified organically produced product.

3. Grow Your Own – While this may seem to be a daunting task, especially if you’re quite busy, you can begin gardening a small area that can yield lots of organic produce for your table. A “table garden” is ideal for those who enjoy farming their own produce on a very small scale.

4. Buy Locally – Some areas of the country are home to farmers who sell their home grown produce at local farmer’s markets. Some of these farmers also grow and sell local, organic crops that receive a higher dollar value than traditional produce. In either case, you are much more likely to find better tasting, less chemically laden foods that are better for you.

5. Buy from Your Whole Food Store – Larger areas of the country are home to many health and whole food stores that bring in organic foods from other areas. You can find tasty although sometimes quite expensive produce and other foods at many whole food stores.

If you really want to cut down on the toxins that you and your family probably consume as a result of eating mass produced foods, these are several ways in which you can locate what you need. Not only is there more and more evidence of the health benefits, but you will also notice a more robust flavor in all the organic foods you select.

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